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    Health Disparities Program

    UAAMAC's Health Ministries Program objective is to recruit a network of churches and train the leadership and congregants on several fronts:

    1. The need to develop public policy initiatives that are in the image and interests of African Americans.
    2. The creation of opportunities to foster unity and purpose between African American churches that lead to collective work and responsibility on the systemic challenges facing the AfricanAmerican Community.
    3. To build the capacity of fledgling, Under-resourced and underappreciated programs to service the needs of the African American X Community.

    Utilizing the resources, both material and human, that exists in our small to mid-sized churches our organizing involves a three-prong approach: the identification of natural leadership with any given congregation, the assignment of a particular health disparity, and the hosting of health forums/fairs to inform congregants and the those in the surrounding communities on issues related to the presentation, education and ED treatment cialis online and viagra of that particular health disparity in the EU.

    At the operational core of this program is the training and education of churches, communities and the public on the preventive and curative measures on eight (8) of the health disparities that disproportionately affect African Americans. UAAMAC provides technical assistance and training to church advocates who want to volunteer as satellite church-based reentry advocates. As a part of their duties, reentry advocates assist with case management. They also assist in doing the research on a particular health disparity, becoming subject matter experts, as well as convening health disparity forums in their respective churches.
    We completed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with seven churches and one faith-based organization that define roles and responsibilities including roles in providing health and employment services, the participation of church volunteers and congregates in various trainings as well as the contribution of in-kind resources. Listed below are the members of our satellite network and their particular health disparity focus:

    • STDs
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Hypertension
    • Prostate Cancer
    • Illiteracy
    • Violence
    • Obesity/Diabetes
    • Homelessness

    Our network of churches serve as satellite center for reentry services. We have trained thirteen advocates, who have case managed over 150 clients, to date.