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    San Diego Center for Re-Entry Management

    UAAMAC's case management staff implements an enhanced case management program that is generated  towards providing employment opportunities for the ex-offender population and other marginalized persons. Working in tandem with our collaborative partner, the MAAC Project, we continue to collaborate on securing employment for our target populations, negotiating hiring agreements, cross training and building referral relationships. We also exchange clients based on our respective expertise of working with the ex-offender and immigrant populations. For the past eight years, UAAMAC has placed more than 700 ex-offenders in jobs. The average wage is $9.00 per hour. In the past three years, we have placed 120 ex-offenders in pre-apprentice, livable wage jobs, due, in great part, to the relationships we have cultivated with the South Metro Career Center, the San Diego/Imperial Counties Labor Council and the building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO.
    The San Diego Center for Reentry Management provides a hollistic approach to the delivery of our services. Our clients receive some, if not all, of the following services:

    • Intensive case management
    • Medical referrals on an as-needed basis
    • Tattoo removal referrals
    • Birth Certificate/Identification Assistance
    • Referrals to Shelters for Placement and In-house Treatment services
    • Substance abuse referrals
    • Pastoral counseling for clients and families
    • Mentoring services
    • Memberships in the Ex-Offender United Advisory Action Council (EUAAC)
    • Court/Parole/Probation Advocacy
    • Petitioning for Reinstatement of Voting Rights